Our Ministries

Every Nation Campus

It has been proven that most people on our campuses are more open to the gospel than at any other time in their lives. Over 80% of Christians received Christ before the age of 25. It is with this in mind that the ENC was formed to reach the future leaders of our society with the gospel. We believe that if you change the campus, you can change the world. ENC has been reaching students in over 70 countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • To effectively reach students from every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To help establish students in the faith and a local church.
  • To send students out to change their campus and eventually the world.
  • What we do

    Our Campus Activities

    When we reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are opening the door to so many good things for our world. Students start movements and movements shift things. As our campuses' value today become tomorrow's societal norms, it is imperative that we influence it with Christ-likeness. Below are some of our actitivities to fellowship with one another and reaching to the society.

    Sunday Service

    We meet every Sunday at 10:00am for our fellowship.

    Weekly Prayer

    Three times a week, we meet to pray with and for one another.

    Campus Connect

    We connect and share a word, a prayer with one another. Find a connect close to your resident.

    Campus Outreach

    We reachout to our community, carrying out our evangelism missions.

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